Wellness Promise

We are working hard to make The Claremont a safe place to stay and play!

cottage deck at The Claremont

After a season-long hiatus due to COVID-19 in 2020, The Claremont Hotel is open under new ownership and new management with new guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety of all guests. We are fortunate to be able to offer you a vacation with stunning outdoor spaces and plenty of fresh air.

Changes We’ve Made

  • We have encouraged all staff to be vaccinated. You can quickly identify these employees by the ‘Happily Vaccinated’ pins on their shirts. Employees who choose not to be vaccinated are required to wear masks. Please note, some of our fully vaccinated team members are choosing to continue to wear their masks because it makes them feel safe. We respect the decisions of all our employees, and we trust them to be equally respectful of our guests’ choices.
  • We have implemented stringent and thorough cleaning processes, checklists, and methods using CDC recommended chemicals to make our spaces pristine and ensure your safety
  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations throughout the property at important touchpoint areas
  • We have trained our team members in all cleaning protocols
  • We have installed signage where appropriate to guide you with all standards in place

Support We Need From You

For the safety of our hard-working team members and fellow visitors, we ask you to consider these things before you visit.

  • All guests are required to either be vaccinated (no proof of vaccination required) or wear masks.
  • This policy is for everyone’s protection—be safe, be kind, and relax in the knowledge that your health is our top priority.
  • If you are not feeling well or have recently tested positive for COVID 19, we respectfully request you stay home and plan to visit another time.
  • Please review and sign the Pledge to Protect ME as a way to let us know that you’re committed to keeping yourself healthy even as federal and state mandates are relaxed.

The Latest Updates from the State of Maine:

  • As of May 24: Fully vaccinated Americans do not need to wear face coverings indoors. All capacity limits for indoor gatherings and outdoor gatherings are lifted.
  • As of May 1, 2021 the State of Maine has automatically exempted all states from the requirement to test or quarantine, unless a state is otherwise determined by the Maine CDC as being high risk.
  • Physical distancing requirements for outdoor settings are eliminated.
  • Physical distancing requirements for indoor settings are also eliminated, except in settings where people congregate for eating, drinking and therefore must remove face coverings. Examples are indoor restaurants, bars, dining areas, school cafeterias, break rooms, etc.

What You Can Expect During Your Visit

Public Area Cleaning: We will regularly rotate through the property with a strict cleaning schedule for all guest contact areas. We have developed checklists and protocols for team members to utilize when cleaning. All employees are provided with the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep our team safe.  We will ensure that employees have access to hand soap, cloth face coverings, gloves, masks, goggles, tissues, paper towels, and a designated trash bin to dispose of used items.

All Restaurants: Please wear a mask if you are not vaccinated.  A regular cleaning schedule will be in place throughout the day, and we will frequently clean touchpoints.